From Media Planning to Systems Thinking:
An intensive 1-day boot camp for creative and planning teams

Focus: How can we use our skills to make a lasting, positive difference within our communities?
Duration: 6–7 hours
Attendees: Creative / Insight / Planning

The Social Change Boot Camp is designed to introduce the principles of social change and demonstrate how advertising and brand professionals can use their skills to address specific community issues.

The issues that affect and hold back our communities are often referred to as ‘wicked’ problems. Health, inclusion, mental wellbeing, substance misuse, anti-social behaviour— these are hugely complex issues created by an intractable knot of influences: from government policy, through economic conditions and cultural norms to individual decision making and capacities.

Affecting change in this context requires systems-based, multi-disciplinary innovation capable of addressing the issue from many different directions and at multiple levels.

Participants will be challenged to understand a particular community issue in its full systems context, based on a real life brief. This will create a springboard for the design of truly holistic solutions that affect change at the personal, social and structural levels.

They will be forced to think across disciplines and generate solutions that respond to the needs of a highly specific community with highly specific needs. This challenge gives practitioners the opportunity to stretch their skills to the limit and apply their creativity and strategic thinking to a much wider change context.

Answering the Big Questions

  • How do social challenges develop and intensify?
  • How can creativity meaningful address these issues?
  • What do we need to do differently when working intensively at a community level?
  • Can advertising really have an impact on ‘wicked’ problems?


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