From Consumers to Collaborators:
A half-day workshop for creative and planning teams

Focus: How can we innovate around Sustainability and increase client value by involving consumers?
Duration: 3–4 hours
Attendees: Creative / Insight / Planning

As governments and brands begin to understand the potential of citizen and consumer co-creation to deliver deeper engagement, develop authenticity and drive product/service innovation, agencies will need to develop more collaborative approaches to research, planning and creative development.

This half-day interactive workshop demonstrates how co-creation principles can be used to develop deeper, more reliable consumer insight and provide a springboard for innovative and creative leaps that are not always possible within traditional agency processes.

The session will cover a range of co-creation approaches and develop an understanding of where and when each can be most effectively applied. Participants will be encouraged to develop their own collaborative sessions, events, activities and engagements and will be introduced to the concepts and skills required to deliver them.

Answering the Big Questions

  • What is co-creation and how will it improve our work?
  • We are the experts, how can consumers contribute to the creative process?
  • How is co-creation different from traditional research methods?
  • How do we incorporate co-creation into our existing processes and projects?


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