From Creativity to Innovation:
A 1-day workshop for creative and planning teams

Focus: How can we use the power of brand to affect social change whilst driving commercial growth?
Duration: 6–7 hours
Attendees: Creative / Insight / Planning

As the Sustainability agenda continues to gather pace, the relationship between brands and society will change beyond recognition. Consumers are frustrated with business-as-usual and are connecting and collaborating to demand much more from their brands: more responsibility, more sustainability and more humanity.

This full-day interactive workshop demonstrates the immense power of brand to influence individuals, organisations, communities, societies and cultures. With an understanding of these dynamics, participants are introduced to a range of that will allow them to innovate on behalf their brand clients to deliver positive impact in the context of commercial growth.

Through a range of exercises and tasks, participants will be encouraged to step back from the ‘green’ agenda and see sustainability more holistically in terms of People and Profit, as well as Planet.

This reframing of the issue triggers an immense range of innovation opportunities previously hidden by a focus on environment. Participants will work in teams to develop these into communications campaigns, products/services or even completely new business models for live brand projects.

Answering the Big Questions

  • How can we use a brand to increase happiness and wellbeing amongst consumers, employees, local communities?
  • How can we help our clients envision new business models, based on brand essence, that deliver greater consumer value whilst having a positive impact?
  • How can we make every brief a positive social change brief, regardless of the brand, product or service we are working on?
  • How do we make sure our work is ethical as well as successful?

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