From Communication to Behaviour Change:
A half-day workshop for creative and planning teams

Focus: Moving beyond traditional approaches to empower consumers and trigger real change.
Duration: 3–4 hours
Attendees: Creative / Insight / Planning

As Sustainability emerges as an increasing priority, clients will demand that advertising goes beyond engaging communications to deliver directly on tangible, measurable behaviour change. This half-day interactive workshop uses an accessible blend of examples and interactive tasks to package a wealth of emerging behavioural insight and deliver it directly and practically within an advertising context.

By understanding the specific role that communications play in driving consumer behaviour change, participants can improve the impact of traditional approaches. More importantly, by developing their own multi-disciplinary ‘design thinking’ they can begin to incorporate the wider range of skills and approaches required to drive tangible, sustainable behaviour change.

Answering the Big Questions

  • Isn’t advertising already about behaviour change?
  • Why will behaviour change become more important to our work?
  • What models and theories can we use that are practical and accessible?
  • What is Design Thinking and how can it help us empower change?


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