As consumers look to their brands to take the lead on sustainability, agencies will need to assume new roles and develop new approaches to help them deliver it. Collaborative Change training offers a range of professional development opportunities built around five Learning Journeys.

Sustainability is a game-changer. The world is changing, the consumers, brands and businesses are changing: we must change. Collaborative Change training is built around five Learning Journeys that reflect the emerging demands of consumers, brands and businesses in the context of sustainability. Our formats include a Social Change Boot Camp, Tailored Kickstarts for each journey and Bespoke Programmes created for more in-depth development against specific objectives.

The journeys are designed to inspire and equip creative and marketing practitioners to deliver new types of value—for their agencies, clients and consumers. They will help participants differentiate themselves in the employment market and gain competitive advantage in the pitch process. They will help brands understand and unlock the innovation potential that sustainability represents and future proof skills and businesses against a rapidly changing brandscape. 


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