Social Design for the other 90%

Considered_ seeks to embed social change and sustainability issues into mainstream marketing and creative practice. This is social design operating at scale… this is social design for the other 90%.

Currently the vast majority of the world’s advertising, design and creative talent is siloed in mainstream practice—working on commercial briefs largely antithetical to social and environmental progress. Research shows that they are eager to use their skills to make a positive difference, but lack opportunities to do so. 

This global community of creative practitioners represents a massive untapped pool of change potential. There’s a sleeping giant in our brave new world and Considered Creative is the wake up call.

Considered_ is an initiative that works to embed sustainability and social design principles into mainstream creative practice. It partners with agencies, brands and educational institutions to encourage development of the skills required to drive positive social change.

More importantly, it works to promote an understanding that every brief is a social change brief and popularise the concepts and skills required to embed positive social change into every creative project, regardless of what brand, service or product it focuses on.

Considered_ is social design operating at scale—social design for the other 90%.


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