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How do we make the Change4Life campaign work for us at the local level?

Change4Life is a wide-ranging preventive health programme designed to empower individuals and families to change their behaviours in relation to diet and fitness. The programme focuses on tackling quality of life issues related to rising obesity levels as well as the cost implications for the National Health Service (NHS) and wider economy.

Our team was commissioned by the Department of Health (DH) and the National Social Marketing Centre (NSMC) to design and pilot a process to facilitate localisation of the campaign within specific behaviour-change contexts. Working with local delivery partnerships – councils, PCTs, NGOs, community interest groups etc – the process was built around 4 key pillars:


A series of on-site interactive sessions, along with ongoing off-site consultancy to facilitate individual project groups in the development of their own interventions.

Tool-kit development

The development (in collaboration with the NSMC and Brilliant Futures) of a comprehensive, step-by-step tool kit to guide the project groups through a rigorous social marketing process, in line with the NSMC’s Benchmark Criteria.

Capacity building

The process was designed to build social marketing and behaviour change capacity within the project groups through hands-on development of a live intervention. This process creates a sustainable legacy, imparting learning that participants can feed into intervention/service development in a wide range of contexts.


As part of the process, our team is working closely with DH to review, evaluate and refine the process piloted in this project.


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