Lancashire County Council: Road safety

How do we reduce childhood road traffic casualties by engaging parents as stakeholders in the issue?

Although significant improvements have been made to reduce child road casualties across the UK, rates in Lancashire remain relatively high in comparison. In response to this, Lancashire County Council commissioned our team to develop methods of improving child road safety, specifically through the parents of young children.


With desk research showing risk of death or serious injury from road accidents to be directly correlated with socio-economic status, we focused resources on priority groups of parents, young people and stakeholders in areas ranking high on the Indices of Multiple Deprivation.

Social research

Using a multivariate qualitative research approach, combining depth interviews and focus groups, we established the latent drivers of risky road safety behaviour amongst young people and assessed how parents and stakeholders could be used to influence that behaviour.

Tailored responses

It was clear that all segments required approaches tailored to their differences, rather than a blanket approach to encompass their commonalities.

Actionable insights

Interrogating the research findings we developed a number of key actionable insights to feed directly into service and communications recommendations. Crucially, an attitude of ‘macho bravado’ amongst young males had implications for all segments. In response, we recommended a range of services to provide an alternative outlet for this thrill-seeking tendency in young males, whilst simultaneously working to empower young females with the confidence to reduce the intimidation they felt in the face of this behaviour.


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