Design A Difference

A one-day intensive workshop on using creative skills for sustainable social change.

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Over the next decade, social and environmental impacts will become a defining factor in commercial brand, advertising and design practice. In order to stay relevant to consumers and industry, creative practitioners must act now to future proof their skills.

The Design A Difference™ workshop is designed to introduce the principles of social and environmental change and demonstrate how it is possible to make a positive impact through every single brief. This thought-provoking, interactive workshop will reveal the power of advertising and design as a force for change —both good and bad. It will outline the concepts and skills required for effective social change work and challenge participants to apply them to a real life brief.

Part one: Make a difference with every brief

Part one of this course will introduce ways to deliver positive impact through every brief, regardless of the brand, product or service you are promoting.

  • Why every brief is a social change brief.
  • The power of our work and how it impacts society.
  • Pressing the right buttons: positive messaging for motivation.
  • The devil’s in the detail: visual cues and positive behaviours.
  • Bad stuff, good stuff, no stuff: reducing environmental impact.

Part two: Tackling issues head on:

Part two of this course will introduce you to the specific challenges presented by social change briefs and the skills required to deliver on them.

  • The role of advertising / design in social change.
  • Using insight and co-design.
  • Multi-disciplinary working.
  • From communication to behaviour change.  

Who should attend? 

  • Agency creatives and planners.
  • Charity and public sector marketers.
  • Commercial marketers with an interest in sustainable brands.
  • Anyone interested in the use of creativity.
  • Students.

Benefits of attendance

  • A deepened awareness of how creative skills can be effectively used to create real-world positive impact through every single brief.
  • An introduction to the theory and practice of behaviour change, and the skills required to trigger it.
  • The opportunity to tackle a real-world social change brief with support from a range of industry professionals: turning theory into practice.
  • Practical skills to offer potential agency employers who are becoming increasingly responsible and demanding more from new graduate employees.

How was it for you?

“It really opened my eyes.”
“It covered a lot of things I don’t normally get told.”
“Tonnes of valuable information. I really learned a lot.”
“Really great day. Learnt so much.”
“A career defining moment.”

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