Steven is Considered. 

Steven Johnson is a writer, speaker and consultant working at the intersection of behavioural insights, data science and human-centred design.

In 2014 he launched one of the first specialist behavioural insights consultancies in the UK, successfully growing and selling what had become an award-winning business in 2019. He is a Fellow of the RSA and Founder at Considered.

Over the last decade he has worked extensively across sectors, helping organisations, teams and individuals drive improvement through a behavioural approach to innovation. He has lead insight and design on a vast range of award-winning behaviour change projects, incorporating over 40 randomised controlled trials (RCTs).

Working with clients across the UK, Europe and North America his work has received recognition from Cannes Lions, D&AD, IPA, AHC, How-Do and the German Design Council.

He served 3 years as an NED with global advertising body D&AD, helping the executive team develop their undertanding, positioning and offer in relation to sustainability and positive social change.

In 2014 he founded a community running club and charity focussed on raising awareness and funds to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Over his 6 years as Chair of Running4CF, its 350 strong membership collectively raised over £100,000 and inspired hundreds of people to begin their running journey.

What impact does radical discontinuity have on the predictive power of ML trained on past behavioural data? If business is no longer ‘as usual’, ... what does this mean for black box models built in the PC (pre-Covid) era? Are we / should be worried? #ai

Not sure we needed a peer-reviewed paper to establish that 'co-designing nudges' is a contradiction in terms, but good to call it out all the same. ... #behaviouralscience #behavioralscience #nudge #codesign

Sad news. Bandura's name doesn't appear as often as it should in behavioural science , but he was instrumental in reversing psychology out of the ... Behaviourism cul-de-sac that Skinner, Watson et al had parked it in. #behaviouralscience #behavioralscience

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