The need for more Considered_ creative is driven by a hard-and-fast business case. Those brands, agencies and professionals that embrace the sustainability agenda will be the ones that engage the consumers, win the clients, and secure the jobs.

Without even considering the emergence of brands and business models based on completely new economic principles (collaborative consumption, social innovation, shared value), there is a clear ripple effect in motion: consumers are changing, brands are changing, therefore the industry, the agencies, the practitioners will have to change. Read about Considered_ training for more details or email


They are becoming increasingly aware of the role that business and brands have played in creating many of the social, economic and environmental challenges we face. They are frustrated with business-as-usual responses and are connecting and collaborating to collectively demand more from their brands: more responsibility, more transparency, more humanity.


Those brands progressive enough to respond pro-actively to these consumer trends are rapidly moving sustainability and social change issues from the periphery of their comms plan to the beating heart of their business model. Brands that view these issues as an obligation will soon be overtaken by those that embrace it as an opportunity—an opportunity to recruit, motivate and retain staff; to build brand equity; to drive business growth.


The marketing, advertising and design industries have played a central role in growing the consumerist culture that has depleted resources, widened inequalities and distorted values. Trust in brands and their advertising is plummeting and consumers, governments, academics and NGOs alike are continuing to apply pressure at every level of the industry. If we are to remain relevant to these key stakeholders, we must create a clear and credible role for our industry as part of the solution, rather than the source of the problem.


As consumer trends and resource scarcity increase the pressure on businesses, brands will look to their creative partners for a response. Initially, those agencies with a credible positioning and offer around sustainability will be the ones that win the business and attract the cream of emerging talent. However, agencies that simply bolt on sustainability teams and adapt their messaging, will soon be left behind by those that embrace the skills and approaches required to embed sustainability into the culture of their business.


The business case for more Considered_ creative trickles through every layer of the industry. Even down to individual practitioner level, the need to adapt and evolve in response to sustainability will become essential. In very basic terms—an understanding of sustainability issues, how they affect brands and consumers, and how it’s possible to respond will be essential job application criteria.