• A growing number of consumers, academics and governments believe the advertising and design industries have played an instrumental role in fuelling unsustainable consumption.
    • The reach and influence of our work is such that is has fuelled damaging behaviour and even skewed the values on which our society is based. The materialist, extrinsic value set that predominates as a result is unsustainable: it encourages reduces health, weakens community ties and ultimately hinders individual happiness.
    • This argument is premised on the assumption that our work has the power to affect fundamental shifts in culture and consumption. If this is the case, the same forces can be leveraged to drive greater health and happiness and build a sustainable future.
    • In order effectively Create Happiness, we must develop a better understanding of the relationship between our work and society: the unintended affects of brand communication and advertising, as distinct from the actual product or service in question. 

 Sample themes: values and frames, ethics, sustainable consumption