New sustainability project ready for launch!

We’d like to take this opportunity to share a sneak preview of a major new project we’re gearing up to launch over the next few months. Considered_ is a manifesto, a rallying cry and a resource designed to galvanise the creative industries as a catalyst for positive social change.

Considered_ is based on the social change principles and projects developed by Steven Johnson and his teams at agencies Collaborative Change and The Hub.

“We had something of an epiphany about a year ago”, said Steven. “After spending 8-years building our businesses on a commitment to positive social change, we realised that we had a much greater opportunity to make a difference by working with other creative businesses.”

“What if there was a way to activate the huge pool of innovation talent that we have in the global advertising and creative community and get it to focus more squarely on social responsibility and positive impact? We’re launching Considered_ in an attempt to answer that question.”

The project will work with agencies, industry professionals, brands and educational institutions to embed sustainability, social responsibility and positive impact into professional practice and agency culture. The overarching aim is to unlock the social change potential inherent in the size, scope and talent of the advertising and creative industries.

Considered_ is built around a professional development curriculum and an upcoming book also written by Steven Johnson. The project aims to help industry practitioners answer the fundamental question that we are being asked on a daily basis: How can we use our creative skills to make a positive difference?

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