Tim Lindsay, CEO, D&AD
“Steven was a Trustee of D&AD for three years and I learned an enormous amount from him. We were trying to make sense of our new White Pencil award (which related to the CSR and ‘purpose beyond profit’ agendas) and our own behaviour as an ethical business. Steven’s huge experience and knowledge, plus his eloquence in shaping ideas and concepts in this new and important business landscape were truly inspiring for everyone at D&AD. He is a proper expert and a great communicatorAlso a very nice guy. Steven, it was a pleasure.”

Dennis Furniss, VP Global Design, Unilever
“Steven is one of life’s rarities. A great mind and a genuine sense of purpose intertwined with good humour and a willingness to listen. He’s also business savvy and highly creative. Absolutely one to watch, a rising talent – outstanding!”

Dara Lynch, Chief Operating Officer, D&AD
Steven worked as a board Trustee at D&AD for 3 years. He was brilliant to have on board, tireless in carrying out his duties, passionate about the organisation, clever and smart with a great vision for the where the creative industries need to move to. On a personal note it was a pleasure to have Steven involved. He was responsive to ideas, personable and emotionally engaged, instinctive and strategic in his thinking – a rare mix. His qualities in the world of sustainability and social change make him a leader in his thinking with practical as well as intellectual skills to affect lasting change with the people and their organisations.

Andy Sharpe, Design Strategist, Unliever
“Edward de Bono stated that an expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore. Steven has been a brilliant representation of this, guiding us through a minefield of sustainable design data, theory, and opinion to deliver clear, accessible and practicable advantage. I would whole heartedly recommend Steven to any organisation requiring a straightforward response to some of the stickiest challenges facing business today. Steven also happens to be a thoroughly pleasant/down-to-earth individual who is far removed from the pretension and arrogance all too often found in the consultant community.”

John Farquhar Partner, Chief Creative Officer at Rain43
“There is no one, and I mean no one, that does what Steven does. His whole process led to some of the best work our agency has created, based on insights we would have never discovered were it not for him.”

Ray Hanks, Business Consultant and Trainer
Steven is one of the best creative thinkers I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and a quite outstanding writer. His vision for galvanising the creative community through the invention of Group Hub is typical of his innovative approach to everything he does.

Peter Ignazi Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director, BBDO Toronto
“More than just bringing valuable insight into our business problem, Steven became an integral part of our team. Lovely accent as well.”

Yvette Thornley, Director, Strategic Planning and Operations at Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario
“We worked with Steven on two projects that both became flagship campaigns for our organization and partners. Working with both the client team and our agencies in Toronto, he helped us get to completely new insights into the behaviour of our target community. In turn, this provided the catalyst for our creative partners to develop some of their most innovative work , whilst ensuring that we stayed focused on rigorous behaviour change principles.”

Dave Stevenson V.P., Creative Director at Proximity
“He’s a rare commodity: a true collaborator who brings out the best in those he works with.”

Nancy Crimi-Lamanna V.P., Associate Creative Director at BBDO
“Steven is insightful, passionate and incredibly strategic. He is a rare mix of researcher, planner and creative director. A partner in every sense of the word, he is driven by the need to deliver insights that lead to compelling, behaviour-changing work.”

Symon Dickinson Head of Creative at PH Media Group
“Steven is one of the most thorough and intelligent thinkers that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Deborah Prenger, VP, Associate Creative Director, BBDO
“Steven is a very disciplined and intelligent creative thinker. On top of that, he was so charming and pleasant to work with. I’m looking forward to further collaborations in the future.”

Dennis Edell, Director, EPODE International Network
Steven’s approach and creativity were invaluable in helping us find new insights into a behaviour change problem. I would suggest that anyone planning a behaviour change campaign consider using Steven to better understand the target population and how to move them to consider changes in behaviour.

Andy Walmsley, Owner/Creative Director at Wash; Director at The Emerging Journal
Steve is a genuine creative catalyst. A true inspiration, not just in his work, but as an individual. He has a real passion for his craft and a huge interest in where things have been… and most importantly, where things are going!

Daniel Todd, TBWA
“Top writer, great thinker, natural leader and general all-round nice chap. Steven is a fantastic ambassador for social change, and unashamedly passionate about using design to make a difference.”

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