How do we keep your monitoring up-to-date?

Being able to pre-empt demand as more customers – and different types of customer – transition to UC is one of the key challenges facing social housing providers. UC Real will give you the best possible estimate of demand (volume and type of claimants) along the DWP timeline. This will allow you to prepare more effectively, allocate resource more efficiently and respond appropriately to the different challenges represented by New Claimants, Natural Migrators, Live Transfers and Managed Migrators.

UC RealTime

Given how quickly the UC picture changes, especially following transition to Full Service, it is essential that your analyses move with it. A bolt-on of quarterly refreshes can be added into the UC Real package to ensure your insights are kept up-to-date. Alternatively you can subscribe to our UC RealTime online platform that not only updates your analysis in real time, but also includes a suite of tools to aid the targeting, tailoring and monitoring of interventions and campaigns.